Metaverse for the implementation of human ideas

After reading this material, you will learn how to become a owner of a share in a unique startup from the Onecli. ecosystem. and after launch of the first and subsequent services monthly receive constantly growing profit from the total net profit of the leading company. The acquired shares in the development process will increase in price, which can subsequently be sold to other participants at a higher price with the aim of receiving one-time income or leave it on the balance sheet for further monthly profit from the company. All stages of startup development will be public, and each participant and investor will also be able to take part in this. By joining Onecli. now, you are securing a successful future with the ecosystem..

Perhaps it will be more comfortable for you to perceive the idea of our startup visually, for this you can watch our documentary from the founder of Onecli. - Anton Vorzhev (1 hour 20 minutes), where he will tell in detail to you about the idea and concept of the Onecli. ecosystem. The plot of this film is based on the foundations of our universe, so be prepared for the fact that after watching your worldview will change.

This material is submitted for consideration to all participants and potential investors of the startup Onecli., solely for making a decision on financing this startup and cannot be used for copying or any other purposes. All data, estimates, plans, proposals and conclusions given for this startup, regarding its potential profitability, sales volumes, profit margins and its future level, are based in the best way on the agreed opinions of the startup development team.



Profit is what all entrepreneurs and investors in the world are chasing. Profit is the excess of income from the sale of goods and services over the costs of producing and selling these goods. To make a profit, you need to create or purchase a certain product or service, for example, for $10, and then find an interested client and sell this product or service to him, for example, for $13, in this case, your net profit will be $3. But what if it would be possible to make a profit immediately, here and now, without all of the above actions?


Today, in the Internet industry, there are a huge number of tools that allow you to get this profit using simpler methods in a gaming and gambling form. These tools include various investment projects, bets, online poker, online casinos, binary options and much more. Today the market is overflowing with such projects and almost all of them involve huge risks, meager chances of success, long waiting periods or large investments of effort and money. An Internet user is constantly looking for an opportunity to start earning, but in most cases his expectations are not justified.

Our team decided to create and present to the Internet space a new, interesting and unique direction that has no analogues in the world, with a game element, educational material, high income and huge chances of success, thanks to Youcki - self-written script based on artificial intelligence. With the release of each of our services to the market, users will have new opportunities, thanks to which it will be possible to make a profit in just one click, and more active users of the service will be able to create a full-fledged business that will grow exponentially. This unusual direction will create a new financial development model and a new trend in the field of online earnings.

This direction has no competitors in the market and financial imbalance is impossible in it (a pure mathematical model that does not violate the laws of economics), which implies no risk for the investor. All investors who support the startup idea at the current stage of development (the final stage) are given a unique chance to be part of a new company that, with the right approach, can reach multi-million dollar turnover and become one of the top companies in the world.

Welcome to ONECLI. ecosystem



Onecli. is a unique neural ecosystem, a multifunctional multi-currency financial platform for generating new services, based on the Youcki script based on artificial intelligence. At the moment, the first three services are being developed: an NFT game with its own metaverse (Onecli. Creator), a reverse currency auction (Onecli. Auction), networking (Onecli. Network), the concept of another 15 services has been implemented, representing 8 categories: finance and investment, training and education, gambling services, earnings and networking, advertising and marketing, software and technology, biotechnology and biohacking, charity.

Let's consider each service currently being developed separately (the description of the rest will be added during implementation). The fundamental service on which all subsequent services of the Onecli. ecosystem will be based, as well as the redistribution of funds to maintain its uninterrupted operation, is the Onecli. Auction reverse currency auction. This will be one of the main directions, due to which the main source of profit will be formed.



The essence of the service: the sale of various fiat currencies / cryptocurrencies is cheaper than its real value (nominal value). In other words, the sale of the difference in the monetary unit, that is, profit. By participating in the auctions on the Onecli. website, you can immediately buy profits with just one click. It is the first profit generating service in the world to use the reverse auction model.

The whole system is based on the redistribution of cash flow, which is formed due to the participants of the services (direct flow from the participants of the reverse currency auction, as well as the flow of funds from other services, to maintain the performance of the auction and increase the chance of profit for the participants). In the process of RCA operation, a self-learning script analyzes the behavioral factor of each user in real time, offering the best and most profitable lots at the necessary time, and also eliminates the possibility of fraudulent actions by bots, autoclickers and other actions aimed at dishonest use of services.

Imagine there is a website where the product is a currency (dollars, cryptocurrency, gold, etc.). You go to the site and see the lots. Each lot is a certain currency (USD, BTC, ETH, etc.). All registered users of Onecli. are given the opportunity to bid for these lots and buy the presented currency for less than its real market value!

For a better understanding, let's take as an example the currency - the dollar (USD). By participating in the auction, you can buy $100 for $95 ($5 profit), or even buy $100 for $10 ($90 profit). All users of the service will directly be able to buy profits, bypassing this long path of production and purchase of goods and services. The difference, that is, the profit, depends on the demand for the presented product / lot at the time of purchase.

Also, the user will be able to buy, for example, 1 BTC for 0.7 BTC (profit will be 0.3 BTC), or buy 50 ETH for 35 ETH (profit will be 15 ETH). The system will automatically choose how much to set the currency / lots in the service, everything will depend on the client's demand and the result of analytical data.

Most importantly, the price of absolutely any currency will always be lower than the original cost! This will be the first service that sells profit. The very idea and awareness of this immediately arouses the interest of any potential client who is in search of online earnings.

For example, you opened a lot for $100, which can be bought for $75. After opening it, click on the "Buy" button, the lot is automatically transferred to the basket for 24 hours, during which you need to pay $75 in any convenient way and $100 comes to your internal balance (in the equivalent of points, more details below). That's how you immediately earn $25 in net profit.


The cost of the presented lots will decrease due to the viewing of the price/clicks by the users of the service. Initially, the user sees a currency in front of him with a different denomination (for example, 10 USD, 100 USD, 1000 USD, 0.01 BTC, 0.1 BTC, 1 BTC, 1 ETH, 10 ETH, 100 ETH, and so on), then selects the currency and amounts through the filter, which he is interested in - from $10 to $1,000,000.

To start trading for a particular currency, you need to purchase the internal currency "ONEX" (ONX), in other words - points, each of which costs $0.5 (1 point = $0.5). Points (the internal currency "ONEX") can be bought or earned by completing various tasks from Onecli. That is, you can use the service with or without attachments, which maximizes audience reach.

For example, you scroll through the list of lots and see the currency you are interested in with a par value of $1000. In the properties of this lot, you cannot see its real value, which is already much lower. That is, you see the name of the currency, number and amount of the lot. In order to view the current price for which you can buy this $1000 lot, you need to open the cost / view the price, while spending 1 point.


The current value of the lot is revealed to you, and the price of this lot is reduced by $0.20. Immediately, as soon as the price is open, you get the right to become an official buyer of this lot and the "Buy" button becomes available to you.

Each time the price is viewed, the cost of the lot will decrease by $0.20 (due to the click of the user, who is charged 1 point). Imagine a situation where you spent only $0.50 (clicked to see the price, spent 1 point) and found a $1000 lot cheaper by 30%, 50% or even 70%, how do you feel? It's worth spending a few points. If the current value of the lot after opening the price suits you, then you can immediately buy this lot at the current price, for example $1000 for $710, in this case your net profit will be $290.

10 seconds will be given to make a decision (after opening the price of the lot), since other buyers are also interested in this lot. Or you can wait until the price of this lot falls even lower, but in this case there is a risk that another user will buy this lot, so you need to make a decision quickly. The site will always have a very lively and entertaining atmosphere, because the more people will participate in the auction, the faster the price will drop and the more interesting the race for cheap currency will be.


Let's consider buying a currency at a low price using a $100 lot as an example. For more understanding, prepare a calculator.

1 point - 1 price viewing/opening. The cost of 1 point = 50 cents.

The user clicks on the «View» button and 1 point / 50 cents is deducted from his balance. Each price view - the cost of the lot is reduced by 20 cents (due to the click of the user, who is charged 1 point).

$100 is the starting price of our lot.

We remind you that with each next viewing, the price is reduced by 20 cents, while $0.50 is charged from the user ($0.30 of $0.50 goes to the income of the Onecli. ecosystem and members who use the affiliate program associated with the Onecli. Network service). To reduce the price by $50 (50%), you need to make 250 openings/views of the price (one, some or all users). It's just 250 times at a time to see the price or 250 customers in 1 click.

$0.20 x 250 = $50

For each lot, the system automatically creates a wallet, where funds are received for viewing the price. If 500 people clicked on the lot with one click at a time, the price will drop by 100% and there will be $100 in the wallet.

$0.20 x 500 = $100

The one who first decides to buy will receive the desired lot!

Thus, the user will form a huge interest in each lot, because the profit can be different, from 0.1% to 100% for just one lot! When you first click on the price view, the price of the lot immediately becomes lower than the market value. For a better understanding of the percentage of profit received by one or another user who bought a lot, the corresponding live statistics will always be displayed to the right of the auction.

For greater interest in the development process, various "skills" and bonuses will be added. SKILLS are additional opportunities for trading at the reverse currency auction, which can be purchased separately for Onecli. points and have additional trading advantages over other participants in the auction.

In addition to the classic OVA, additional types of financial and commodity types of auctions will also be opened. All ideas for new types will be disclosed to all participants after the launch of the Onecli. platform, and for current shareholders, these ideas are already available upon request. In addition, special lots will appear from time to time, including very «tasty» conditions and time-limited events.



The transaction can last from 1 second to several minutes, everything will depend on how many people will be interested in a particular lot. In some cases, the transaction will close and in a matter of seconds a new transaction will open, with the same parameters as the previous one.

The main role in the service will be played by our unique Onecli. script, based on the principles of artificial intelligence, which will ensure an equal and constant price reduction for each lot in one time period.

The script will collect click-through statistics at the auction and analyze user behavior, after which it will open the necessary lots in different currencies and denominations in the same order for a specific type of user, equalizing the chances of a purchase for each.

Using its own algorithm, the Onecli. script will always allocate lots in a CLICK/LOT ratio. The system of action of the Onecli. script algorithm is mostly a trade secret and, for natural reasons, will never be published on the Internet.

This service will be the main one on the Onecli. platform due to its popularity and demand. This will be one of the main sources of income, and all the services provided within the ecosystem will be mutually supportive and interchangeable depending on demand. The next no less liquid service on the platform will be Onecli. Creator.



Game product Onecli. Creator is the latest trending direction from the world of Blockchain, a unique technology that will allow all Onecli. members to earn money just by playing a computer game with cool graphics and developing their virtual world and their character. All in-game created items will have real value (they will have the status of an NFT object, for which the user will choose the network to create), like items from your real life. Players will be able to extract and find resources, build buildings, be able to make, exchange and trade goods. Each player will have the opportunity to create their own business in our virtual world and earn real money on it.

The legend of the game and all the information is on a separate site:



This service allows all users of the Onecli. platform to start their business activities on the basis of an affiliate program and earn a certain percentage of the profit from each action of your users within the Onecli. ecosystem.

Investors evaluating the prospects for cooperation with Onecli. will not remain indifferent to this method of promoting the company. This method of promotion is recognized as the best advertising tool for any business, since partners, by promoting the company's products or services, create a full-fledged profitable business for themselves and have their own percentage of income in the company. In such a model of cooperation, both parties will always remain interested in each other's development, the partner in the company, and the company in the partner.

After registration, each user will be asked to activate the Onecli. Network service by purchasing a VIP status. After activation, the partner will receive corresponding more favorable conditions for affiliate programs in all services within the ecosystem.

Each created service will have its own separate affiliate program for members who have activated Onecli. Network (VIP status). Profitability will go to partners for every action of your customers, for example, in an auction, income will go to clicks, in a P2P exchanger, a percentage of income will go to each exchange, in merchandise, income will go to each Onecli. branded product sold, and so on. The Onecli. Network service connects absolutely all services on the platform with an affiliate program, and to start a business, participants will need to receive only one invite to earn from each service.


Onecli. partner will earn his percentage from each click or other action from all services of those users who were registered through his personal affiliate link.

How much income goes to a partner from one click in the Reverse Currency Auction?

We remind you that 1 point is 1 price view. The cost of 1 point = $0.50.

This amount is distributed as follows:

$0.20 - goes to lower the price of the lot;

$0.20 - goes to the partners of the company;

$0.10 - goes to the company.

Marketing is divided into three and seven levels of profitability and includes two user statuses: BUSINESS and VIP.

 Business status is received by all registered users immediately after Onecli. Network service activation. Profitability in this status is $0.10 per click. This amount is divided into three parts (3 levels): Level 1 - $0.05, Level 2 - $0.03, Level 3 - $0.02 ($10 for every 100 clicks);

 VIP status is received by all registered users who have activated the Onecli. Network service and purchased shares in the company (from $1000). Profitability in this status is $0.20 per click, that is, twice as much as in the Business status. This amount is divided into seven parts (7 levels): Level 1 - $0.07, Level 2 - $0.05, Level 3 - $0.03, Level 4 - $0.02, Level 5 - $0.01, Level 6 - $0.01, Level 7 - 0.01$. VIP status holders are also given the opportunity to set the affiliate program to level 1 and receive $0.20 only from the first level ($20 for every 100 clicks).

With three or seven levels of Onecli. Network marketing for the auction, partners will be able to receive completely passive income and the amount of profit will grow exponentially in proportion to the growth in the number of clients and partners in their account.

Thus, having an active team of partners and a large customer base, you can receive a constant income from each service of all registered users through an affiliate link. More team - more clients - more clicks - more income. The Onecli. platform provides maximum opportunities for all users, where each service is a separate unique tool in the form of a script that works according to its own algorithm and provides financial services on which you can earn and create your own business for all company clients.

All partners and clients of the Onecli. ecosystem can trade at the auction, exchange, buy or sell currencies, develop their own currency exchange business, develop a promising company marketing business and make a profit for any action! This is a unique startup that is ready to enter the market and delight millions of Internet users with its discovery!



Now the final stage of work is taking place within the Onecli. team, in addition to preparing for public tests of the personal account, a new version of the mobile application, introducing English localization and daily communication with investors - we have upgraded and improved our neural script, added new structural locations to run several models on this script business, so that immediately after the start, after a short period of time, we open service after service, the ideas of which we are ready to present to you.

These are unique ideas/business models in completely different directions: Onecli. Loto, Onecli. Promo, Onecli. Studio, Onecli. Game, Onecli. Manager, Onecli. VPN, Onecli. Body, Onecli. Cash, Onecli. Startup, Onecli. Creator, Onecli. Invest, Onecli. Fund, Onecli. Plan, Onecli. Study, Onecli. Merch. To date, we have approved 18 business models that are ready for implementation. A core based on artificial intelligence has already been formed, from which the formation and launch of new services will proceed step by step.

All detailed information about the services will be published in the official sources of the startup, and also duplicated here in parallel by updating the text content of the Idea section.



The most important advertising tool for a startup's advertising campaign on an ongoing basis is the Onecli. Network service, which we talked about above. Thanks to thoughtful marketing and tools, partners develop and promote the platform in the Internet space.

One of the promotion methods: part of the funds will be allocated to lower the price of all lots from the start, so that the client at the first visit sees a low price for any currency from the first click, which will arouse great interest in bidding. For the first customers, the price will be low right from the start.


Bounty is a way to earn shares of a startup without investing your personal funds, spending only your time on certain actions/tasks aimed at promoting the idea of an ecosystem and attracting investments. In addition to shares, Onecli. users are already earning funds through bounties (for example, by referring partners and buying shares).

Just imagine the hype that will be generated by various social media posts and new YouTube videos from various users around the world with the following content: «Bought $1,000 for $347! Onecli. project!», «Bought 1 bitcoin for 0.3 bitcoin! 70% profit!!», «Bought 10 ether for $813!» etc.

One of the main focuses of the advertising campaign will be on how users buy profits in the unique Onecli. service. Thus, it will be very easy for partners to find more and more new people in their team. Affiliate networks will grow very quickly, thanks to word of mouth, as this is the best advertising on the Internet, and a unique project idea will do its job!

Large youtube bloggers, websites, referrals and ordinary Internet users will be connected. Immediately before the launch, email / sms mailing services will be used to notify interested customers about the start of a new project. Next, contextual, media (banner), teaser, targeted advertising will be launched in all services and social networks (Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, IOS / Android platforms, forums, media portals, FB, VK, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, Odnoklassniki and other social networks).

In addition to all this, various promotions, contests and flash mobs in social networks will be used in the development process. Users of the Onecli. platform will receive various prizes, bonuses, gifts for their free actions. This will serve as an additional tool to increase audience coverage.

All calculations and withdrawals of funds will occur automatically and manually, respectively, through a personal account, which will display all the statistics on the development of the company. We will provide each investor with the best conditions for further cooperation!



The Onecli. startup uses a crowdfunding method of raising funds, thanks to which every registered adult (according to the laws of the resident country) participant in the ecosystem will be able to buy shares of the startup before the official launch of the company. First, let's look at some definitions.

Investments is an investment of money / capital for the purpose of generating income / profit.

Startup is a newly created company (perhaps not even a legal entity yet) that is at the stage of development and builds its business either on the basis of new innovative ideas or on the basis of newly emerging technologies. Most often, this is some kind of service that provides its users with unique services and is under development.

Share — is a part of the shares of the company, having which the investor receives the right to further receive profit from this company.

The Onecli. team is ready to offer investors to buy out the shares of the Onecli. startup and receive from this their ever-growing monthly income from the total profit of the future company. Using the micro-investment/crowdfunding model, we have achieved maximum audience coverage and offer every person who does not have large amounts to invest to become part of a new and promising business product. This is a unique offer on the market and will be limited.

The cost of one share is $0.16 (as of January 2022) and this cost grows with each new investment (purchase of shares), according to the growth of capitalization. In total, 10,000,000 out of 100,000,000 shares were allocated for free sale, which is 10% of the company's total income. Investors can acquire absolutely any number of shares in several stages. Future possible stages of investment will be determined by the current state of affairs of the company itself. If circumstances allowed to reach self-sufficiency, the company implements further services at its own expense. Otherwise, the ecosystem has the right to launch the next stage of fundraising, using the reserves of shares (remaining after distribution among the founders and the team, as well as among large investors, if any), which will be released for sale. Information about investment stages will always be displayed in your personal account.

 The minimum amount for buying shares is $1;

 The maximum amount for buying shares is $100,000.

In the same way, you can redeem 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 shares and so on. The acquired shares will be officially assigned to the investor in the database on an ongoing basis until the investor decides to sell their shares to other participants in the ecosystem through the official Onecli. shares exchange. (will be available soon in your account as a separate service). The Onecli. personal account always displays the current statistics of the Onecli. startup, namely: the number of shares you bought, the cost of one share, the personal amount of investment, the personal percentage of income in the company, the total amount of investments in the startup, the amount of partner funds paid out, and so on.

During the development of the Onecli. startup, the value of the shares will gradually increase, in connection with which the investor himself decides what to do with the acquired shares. He can sell them at a higher price to other startup participants (one-time profit, earnings on the price difference), or leave them on his account and receive a constant monthly profit from profits from all services within the ecosystem. Each redeemed share is a certain % of the profit from the total turnover of the company. How many shares will be bought, so much the investor will receive profits from the company on an ongoing basis.

The profit of investors will depend on how much the company earns. With this approach, all investors and organizers will be interested in the promotion and development of the company. After the launch of Onecli., each investor will be provided with a personal investor account on the website, where all Onecli.'s profitability statistics will be displayed. You will be able to see how many clicks/views there were, how many exchanges were made, how much the company earned in total and what was the turnover of funds for a certain quarter. Onecli.'s profitability statistics will always be transparent and open to all its partners who have supported the startup with investments.


Distribution of income on the example of a price per share of $0.16 (investment amount / percentage):

 $1.6 - 0.00001% of the company's profit;
 $16 - 0.0001% of the company's profit;
 $160 - 0.001% of the company's profit;
 $1,600 - 0.01% of the company's profit;
 $16,000 - 0,1% of the company's profit;
 $160,000 - 1% of the company's profit.

The investment amount can be any, in the range from $1 to $100,000 (also depends on the chosen payment system). After entering the number of desired shares, the system will automatically indicate the required payment amount, observing the established range for the purchase amount.

Depending on how many shares you have purchased, you will see your % of profit in your personal account. Profit will accrue to those investors who decide to hold their shares, thereby creating the value of the asset due to its scarcity. The system will automatically send you the profit to the internal balance in your personal account, after which you can withdraw the profit to any available payment system.

For example, 100,000 shares were purchased from you for the amount of $16,000 (using the example of a price per share of $0.16), which is 0.1% of the company's total income. The company earns $100,000 daily, in which case your income will be $100 per day or $3,100 per month.

In the process of growth and development of the ecosystem, your profit will also constantly grow and every month the income will be significantly higher compared to the previous month (profit growth depends on the growth of the company's income from all services). You can withdraw the earned funds on the first request to any convenient payment system, there is no minimum threshold for withdrawing funds. The term for withdrawing funds corresponds to the established regulations.

Let's calculate the future profit of the company and investors, considering three different developments, from the minimum return to the high one. We will calculate the profitability only for one month of the company's work and only from the Onecli. Auction service, at the same time, you must understand that with proper and constant development, the company's profitability will grow exponentially every month and the total profit will be more and more every month.

The main profit of the company from the Onecli. Auction service is divided into three yield options and will depend on how the user came to the site:

Option #1 (high income): if the user came independently from the company's advertising - the company's profit is $0.30/click;

Option #2 (average income): if the user came at the invitation of a Business user - the company's profit is $0.20/click;

Option #3 (lowest income): if the user came at the invitation of a VIP user - the company's profit is $0.10/click.



Let's calculate the profit from the Onecli. Auction service for one month of work using the example of 10,000 active users (this goal is minimal and will be very easily achieved during a large-scale pre-launch advertising campaign). Imagine that all these users came to the site at the invitation of VIP users and the company did not launch any personal advertising, that is, we take the minimum income option as a condition, namely $0.10 per click + the complete absence of an advertising campaign, that is, the company works only through user marketing distribution of the Onecli. Network service.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

0,000 users x 10 clicks = 100,000 clicks. 100,000 clicks x $0.10 profit = $10,000 company revenue per day from clients with VIP users.

This is the company's income for one day of work, provided that all 10,000 users came at the invitation of VIP users and each user made only 10 clicks (1 click = $0.10). Total = $10,000/day.

At the same time, VIP users will earn $20,000 per day, since VIP users earn $0.20 from each click (100,000 clicks x $0.20 profit = $20,000 per day).

We remind you that we take into account only the Onecli. Auction service (reverse currency auction) and take into account the most unlikely outcome of events when the company does not run absolutely no advertising, that is, all customers come to the site from Onecli. partners, and we also do not take into account profit from other services.


 Company profit - $10,000 per day;

 Your investment - $16,000 is 0.1% of the company's profit;

 0.1% of $10,000 = $10 per day investor's profit from $16,000 investment.

Do not forget that the calculation was made from the option of the company's minimum profitability - 10 cents per click.

Thus, the investor's income for one month of work in the absence of advertising from the company will be $300, which is ~ 1.88% of the profit per month from an investment of $16,000 (provided that the company does not develop and the same number of clicks occurs stably, which virtually ruled out).


Above, we cited as an example the calculation with the minimum variant of the company's profitability, that is, $0.10 / click and the complete absence of an advertising campaign, now let's calculate the profit of the company and investors in other events, when Business and VIP users work on Onecli. Network marketing service, where the profit from Business users will be $0.20 / click, profit from VIP users will be $0.10 / click, and Bounty campaign from the project will continue, but Onecli. advertising campaign will still remain inactive.

In this case, while continuing the work of the Bounty campaign and other marketing tools, we should count on more extensive development from Business and VIP users, so we can safely set a target of 50,000 active users at pre-launch. This number of users will not be fixed, in the example we use the number of active users, since it is also necessary to take into account non-solvent site users who will earn without investments, and in this case, all clicks of such users will be paid by the platform itself from income or investment funds. As a result, the company will achieve this coverage and more already in pre-launch thanks to the internal Bounty campaign and the use of the Onecli. Network service among Business and VIP users.

For a more correct distribution, let's take into account 50% (25,000 users) of the Onecli. Network marketing revenue from Business users at $0.20 / click and 50% (25,000 users) of the revenue from VIP users at $0.10 / click, since participating in the Bounty Campaigns users can with any status (Business, VIP), a total of 50,000 users.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

25,000 users x 10 clicks = 250,000 clicks. 250,000 clicks x $0.20 yield = $50,000 company profit per day from customers with Business status.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

25,000 users x 10 clicks = 250,000 clicks. 250,000 clicks x $0.10 yield = $25,000 company profit per day from VIP clients.

Total total daily profit of the company: $75,000

At the same time, the profit of Business users will be $25,000 per day, since users with the status of «Business» earn $0.10 from each click (250,000 clicks x $0.10 yield = $25,000 per day), and the profit of VIP users will be $50,000 per click. per day, because users with VIP status earn $0.20 per click (250,000 clicks x $0.20 yield = $50,000 per day).

We remind you that we take into account only the Onecli. Auction service (reverse currency auction) and take into account the unlikely outcome of events when a company launches only the Onecli. Network and Bounty campaign for promotion, but does not launch the main advertising campaign, that is, all customers come to the site from partners of Onecli. (Business, VIP), and also we do not take into account the profit from the Onecli. Exchange service, which is also a highly liquid service for any Internet user.


 Company profit - $75,000 per day;

 Your investment - $16,000 is 0.1% of the company's profit;

 0.1% of $75,000 = $75 per day investor's profit from $16,000 investment.

Do not forget that the calculation was made from the option of the minimum and average profitability of the company - 10 cents/click and 20 cents/click.

Thus, the investor's income for one month of work in the presence of the Bounty campaign will be $2250, which is ~ 14.1% of the profit per month from an investment of $16,000.


Now we will calculate the income of the company and investors, taking into account the most likely outcome of events, when the development and promotion of Onecli. will take place according to the prescribed plan of the organizers using all of the above tools, namely: the active pre-launch of the Onecli. Network marketing ecosystem for users with Business and VIP statuses, the launch Bounty campaigns, other development tools and the launch of a full-fledged advertising campaign (details are described above in the «Advertising Campaign» section).

The minimum pre-launch goal will be 100,000 active users, which is easily achievable using all advertising tools. Only after a large-scale pre-launch and the achievement of all prescribed goals, the Onecli. platform announces the official launch.

The largest influx of users will follow after the launch of the main advertising campaign, so for a more correct distribution, we will take into account 50% (50,000 users) from company advertising with a yield of $0.30/click, then 25% (25,000 users) from Business users with a yield of 0.20 $/click and 25% (25,000 users) from VIP users with a yield of $0.10/click. These users will come to the site from the company's advertising, as well as from the work of Business and VIP users in marketing the Onecli. Network service and Bounty campaigns, a total of 100,000 users.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

50,000 users x 10 clicks = 500,000 clicks. 500,000 clicks x $0.30 yield = $150,000 company profit per day from customers from an advertising campaign.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

25,000 users x 10 clicks = 250,000 clicks. 250,000 clicks x $0.20 yield = $50,000 company profit per day from customers with Business status.

For example, let's take 10 clicks per person.

25,000 users x 10 clicks = 250,000 clicks. 250,000 clicks x $0.10 yield = $25,000 company profit per day from VIP clients.

Total company profit per day: $225,000

At the same time, the profit of Business users will be $25,000 per day, since users with the "Business" status earn $0.10 from each click (250,000 clicks x $0.10 profitability = $25,000 per day), and VIP users will earn $50,000 per day, since VIP users earn $0.20 per click (250,000 clicks x $0.20 yield = $50,000 per day).

When making these calculations, we take into account the minimum volume of clicks and the planned number of active users at the pre-launch of the company. In fact, after the launch, the hype around the company can be simply huge, thanks to the work of our Onecli. neural script, which equalizes the chances of acquiring cheap currency for each user, and already in the first days of launch we will get hundreds of thousands of users around the world whose actions and click-through rate cannot be predicted.

For example, one user from the US will make 150 clicks per day, another user from China will make 30 clicks per day, and a third user from Brazil will make 1 click per day. This is the interest of the investor, because the profit of the company can be calculated in millions of dollars and absolutely every person is given the chance to start receiving large incomes on continuing basis with Onecli.


Company profit - $225,000 per day;

Your investment - $16,000 is 0.1% of the company's profit;

0.1% of $225,000 = $225 per day investor's profit from $16,000 investment.

Do not forget that the calculation was made from the company's high yield option - 0.30 cents/click, 20 cents/click and 10 cents/click.

Thus, the investor's income for one month of work with active development will be $6,750, which is ~ 42.2% of the profit per month from an investment of $16,000.



During the period of the Onecli. investment offer until the official launch of the company, there is an affiliate program aimed at attracting new investors to the startup and extending to the purchase of shares. Exactly 15% of the funds raised will be allocated to the affiliate program. This solution will speed up the process of selling shares, and will also allow participants to build a team and earn money already at the development stage. In the future, any actions of the formed team on services within the Onecli. ecosystem will generate income for the program participant.

The affiliate program will be available to absolutely all registered participants and will work regardless of the availability of shares. After registration, each participant will find their direct affiliate link in their personal account, as well as a link to a personal landing page, which is the partner’s business card and can be customized to their liking in the «Settings» section in their personal account.

If your potential investor (partner) came to the site, registered using your affiliate link and bought a certain part of the shares, you, as a superior, will immediately receive a percentage of the funds on your balance from the shares purchased by your partner. Onecli. investment project affiliate program has 10 levels in depth:

 Level 1 - 5% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 2 - 3% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 3 - 2% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 4 - 1% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 5 - 1% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 6 - 1% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 7 - 0.5% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 8 - 0.5% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 9 - 0.5% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;
 Level 10 - 0.5% profit from the sold shares of Onecli;

Total: 15% profit from all 10 levels of your team.

Thus, all community members will be able to earn both active and passive income from the actions of their team. All registered personal link partners will be displayed in the "My team" section of the Onecli. website in their personal account. Each partner displays detailed information about earnings and personal data, with which you can contact one or another member of your team. In addition, the "My Team" section in your personal account allows you to send text messages to your team, as well as receive incoming messages. In the process of development, this section will be modernized and acquire a new, more advanced functionality. The withdrawal of earned partner funds occurs manually within 72 hours, every new Monday (according to the established regulations).

Examples of how levels work in depth:

First level. For example, you registered a participant with the Investor login using your affiliate link and he bought shares in the amount of $1,000 (6,250 shares, current as of January 2022). A participant with an Investor login will be your 1st level partner, because he was registered using your personal link and immediately after payment, an amount of $50 will be credited to your balance, which is 5% of the profit according to the rules of the affiliate program.

Second level. Then you continue to register new partners using your link, and at the same time, your partner Investor has registered a new member with the login Richman for his team, only this time using his partner link. Member Richman will be your Tier 2 Partner because your Tier 1 Partner registered him. For example, a Richman member bought shares in the amount of $3,000 (18,750 shares, current as of January 2022) and in this case, your Investor partner will receive $150 (5%) of profit on his balance, because Richman is the 1st partner for him level, and you will receive $90 (3%) profit, because for you Richman is a partner of the 2nd level. It is from the second level that your passive income begins, since you profit from the actions of your entire team.

Third level уровень. After that, your 2nd level partner Richman also decided to start earning using the affiliate program and registered a member Pretty_girl, who bought a share for $700 (4,375 shares, as of January 2022). Immediately, the Richman participant will receive $35 (5%) profit from her payment, because for Richman, the Pretty_girl participant is a partner of the 1st level, the Investor participant will receive $21 (3%) of the profit, because for the Investor, the Pretty_girl participant is a partner of 2nd level, and you will receive $14 (2%) profit, because for you the participant Pretty_girl is a 3rd level partner.

All subsequent levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 work in a similar way. The more people you have on your team, the more profit you will earn from both your actions (active income) and your team's actions (passive income).

In addition to ten levels in depth, the affiliate program has personal rank levels and a bonus system, which is expressed in the accrual of bonus shares when a user reaches a new rank level.


Rank is a unit of displaying the personal status of the affiliate program. The higher your rank, the more levels in depth are available to you. Fulfilling the conditions for opening a new rank allows you to receive a certain number of bonus shares on your share balance at a time.

There are 10 ranks in total, the opening of each of which implies the fulfillment of certain conditions. After fulfilling the conditions, a new rank becomes available to you, and along with it, you are also credited with a one-time bonus in the form of an additional number of shares. The higher the rank, the more «delicious» bonus awaits you. In addition, increasing the rank also contributes to the opening of available levels in depth. For example, if rank 1 only allows you to earn income from the first three levels deep from your team, then rank 8, for example, allows you to earn income from the first eight levels deep from your team.

A table with all the conditions for the affiliate and bonus program, including ranks, is always available in your account in the «My team» section.

Already now you can create a full-fledged team of partners and clients using the existing affiliate program on the Onecli. website, and after the launch of the ecosystem, you just have to activate the Onecli.Network service and you will start earning from every click and any other actions of your team on any service within the ecosystem Onecli. Your entire team that you create in the Onecli. ecosystem will always follow you into each new ecosystem service, as we use a single user database for all our projects!



We are sure that our project is the most unusual startup that each of you has ever met. We are creating a completely new kind of collective consciousness, our task is to change the pattern of human thinking and create a powerful tool that will help society move to a new model of social development.

Our team started developing a startup Onecli. in May 2018 and today we have implemented a ready-made Beta version of the product in the form of a web-version of a script (personal account) based on self-learning code. The team is also ready to conduct international registration (using the services of licensed lawyers) to legalize and conduct business anywhere in the world. The concept and idea of Onecli. does not have any restrictions on the advertising campaign to launch marketing in foreign regions. We are focused on permanent, productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and investors

Each startup investor becomes part of our common team and can look forward to participating in Onecli. team briefings, webinars and development and development events among organizers, developers and partners. The organizers reserve the right to refuse investment to certain investors for various reasons, where, in case of refusal, all funds will be returned, and the shares will be debited from the balance. In addition, investments can be suspended at any time and the acquisition of shares will become unavailable. This can only happen if the organizers find the necessary funds for the development and implementation of the Onecli. startup early.

Today there is a ready-made brand, idea and concept of an Internet company. All custom design pages and complete website structure are ready. The foundation of the project is a self-written and unique neural self-learning script with a universal algorithm (based on artificial intelligence), thanks to which all services on the platform will interact with each other, automate business processes and interchange each other.

The Onecli. offer allows you to buy / sell shares, start promoting and building a team through an affiliate program and other tools. The initial advertising campaign of the project has been completely thought out, and the unique idea of the startup will ensure the maximum coverage of users around the world!

In total, we have at our disposal a promising business product, the development and improvement of which is carried out on a daily basis. You can clarify additional details and startup details by contacting technical support on the Onecli. website, using the contact operator button on all pages of the website.

The mission of the Onecli. ecosystem is to create various financial instruments / services that will help in an easier and more accessible form to provide as many Internet users as possible with high income and high levels of well-being. Everything in our life starts with an idea. We got the idea to create a unique tool called Onecli. and enable all community members to be a part of it. This tool will allow everyone to make a profit and will always be equally beneficial to all organizers, investors, partners and clients.

The scalability options for Onecli. are endless. Try to look into the future and imagine the prospects for what the development and total profit will be in a year, two or ten years. The company's goals are focused on the constant expansion of the number of satisfied partners and customers who can build a highly profitable career in the ecosystem on an ongoing basis and save time finding what all people in the world are usually looking for - finance, success and well-being. Onecli. fully satisfies all these needs for everyone.

Make the right decision, always evaluate and diversify your risks. Our team has provided all sorts of options and minimized all risks. The launch and development will take place in any case, only to speed up all these processes, we provide you with the opportunity to invest and own a part of the company. All stages of development and progress of the company will be public and will always be highlighted in the personal account on the website, in our social sources, in general community chats, at webinars and joint events.


The main form for contacting regarding all questions about the startup Onecli. is the online technical support chat on the official website.

Official website:

Technical support:

Telegram support account: @onecli_support (for all questions)

Ecosystem telegram channels: @onecli (main news channel), @onecli_live (Live channel)

Telegram chat: @onecli_chat (main chat)

VK group: (main group)


Anton Vorzhev - Founder of Onecli., main ideologist and impeccable motivator


Since 2008, he has founded an online IT development team, specializing in the creation of financial services for banks and investment companies, writing trading robots for trading on the MetaTrade platform. Since 2013, the activity is associated with investing in the stock and cryptocurrency market. In the period from 2016 to 2017, he earned 34 bitcoins ($750,000) on cryptocurrency trading and became a managing trader. At the moment he is engaged in the creation and promotion of the startup Onecli.

Telegram account: @holytony

Instagram account:

Vkontakte account:

Place of residence: Philippines, Cebu City


Vadim Borodavchenko - Co-founder of Onecli., public relations, delegation of tasks within the team


Telegram account: @vadim_metacortex

Vkontakte account:

Place of residence: Philippines

We are always open to everyone and will be glad to answer any questions about our community and a new startup. Being with us you can be the first to participate in all startups from the community even before the official market entry and get the best conditions in every project. Invest in startup Onecli. and secure yourself a successful future for years to come!

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